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Predictions, real-time data, health and COVID stats, and more through a single, powerful API.

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One API from booking to arrival

A simple REST API that delivers rich, comprehensive data – flight delay predictions, missed connection predictions, real-time updates (from OAG), airport capacity estimates and predictions, updates based on SWIM data, travel alerts such as airline waivers and natural disasters, health alerts and travel advisories from the CDC and other government agencies, COVID stats, and weather forecasts (from Dark Sky) – all through a single API call.

API documentation can be found here.


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Subscribe to alerts, get webhook notifications on updates on real-time data, predictions, travel alerts, and inbound flight status


Get instantaneous real-time data, latest predictions, connection risk, travel alerts, and inbound flight status for a flight, a set of flights, or a route.

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$0.029 per query

Volume discounts are available for high-volume users.

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  • In a market where services compete to simply inform passengers of delays after they have happened, Lumo's offering stands out because they assess the risk of delay before it happens, helping passengers proactively manage their delays instead of simply reacting to them.
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    Ivan Imana

    CIO, World Travel, Inc.

  • Microsoft is committed to identifying opportunities for efficiency gains and user experience improvements—how can we help our employees be more effective when they travel for business, or when they attend a Microsoft event? These values align with what Lumo has brought to business travel—innovative predictive technology, and helping the traveler have a better trip.
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    Steve Clagg

    Travel Technology Manager, Microsoft

  • We are thrilled to partner with Lumo to offer TMCs a global solution for predictive flight analytics and alerts. Being able to anticipate flight delays is truly valuable information for travel agents and travelers around the world—it can help anticipate alternative solutions, reduce travel stress, and help travelers improve productivity during their trip. Working with the Lumo team has been a great experience and we look forward to developing more solutions together.
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    Frédéric de Pardieu

    CEO and Founder, mTrip