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Just exploring? Try out the Lumo API with a free Sandbox API key

Use this page to request a trial API key (which has usage restrictions). If you are ready for a commercial contract, you can request a production API key here and someone on our team will be in touch.

See what all the buzz is about – the best API in the travel industry for flight delay predictions and more! Sign up for free with just your email,  and you'll be up and building with Lumo in minutes.

The sandbox API is intended only for evaluation and testing, and may not be used in production systems. That means you can't share the data with your customers or clients, or use the data in a website or other application except for prototyping purposes. You will be limited to 500 API calls in each calendar month.


By entering your email and clicking Submit, you agree to the above usage restrictions, and accept Lumo's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.  Your API key will be sent to the email you provide below.