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Service Status

You can check on uptime, view if there is an outage, and subscribe to alerts at

Historical stats on availability and response times are at


Our algorithms take into a number of factors including the weather, air traffic control restrictions, historical and real-time data, etc to come up with our predictions. This blog post has more information.

Very. Actually, it's complicated.

We rely on several internal data sets as well as data feeds from our partners:

  • Historical, real-time, and scheduled flight data from our partners at OAG
  • Weather data from Dark Sky, and others
  • Air traffic control data (FAA and Eurocontrol)
  • SWIM data
  • Public data sources of breaking news such as twitter, facebook, etc.
  • Other secret-sauce data sets we can't really tell you about :)

Yes, our app comes with a free 30-day trial, Lumo Navigator comes with a free 14-day trial, and our API usually has a free 30-day trial. 

All our product pages have our retail pricing listed at the bottom of the page. If you are an enterprise customer with large flight volumes, we are always happy to work with you on volume discounts or a bundled pricing model. The cost of using Lumo typically works out to 15-30 cents (US) per flight depending on scale.

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