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We are aviation geeks and data nerds solving one of air travel's biggest challenges – predicting and managing flight delays

Our customers include global airlines, travel companies, individual travelers, and everyone in between

Our Vision

Flight delays are a massive problem – they cost airlines and passengers $60B+ every year, two-thirds of travelers list delays as the most frustrating part of travel, and a 6% annual growth in air travel is driving increasing congestion – and yet... delays remain as opaque and unpredictable as ever. 

We believe that accurate and easily-accessible flight delay forecasts could fundamentally transform how we experience and manage flight disruptions. 

Our goal is to ensure that the entire travel ecosystem—from airlines to passengers to travel agents anywhere in the world—have the best information at their fingertips to help proactively manage disruptions and make travel more efficient and stress-free.

You can read more at this blog post.


Our Core Value

Zero BS We don't make claims we can't back up with data or other evidence, we don't sell our customers products and features we can't deliver on, we don't make grandiose claims to our investors, and we aren't afraid to call out BS. We make the accuracy of our predictions available to our customers and partners, and offer free trials for all our products. Life is simpler when customers, employees, partners, and investors can take us at face value.

Leadership Team

bala headshot for webinarBala Chandran

Co-founder and CEO

Bala is equal parts aviation geek and data nerd. He'd love to learn to fly a plane some day.




hamsa-720x960Hamsa Balakrishnan

Co-founder and Chief Scientist

In addition to her work at Lumo, Hamsa has a day job as a Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT




Loren Werner

COO and Head of Product

Loren is a former operations consultant and Air Force officer. He used to jump out of planes for fun but now gets his kicks from predicting flight delays.




Funding and Investors