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For corporate clients

Built for travelers, admins, meetings organizers, and travel managers, Lumo's suite of tools provides visibility into trip disruptions before, during, and after a trip. Lumo works with many TMCs and is available in the Concur App Center.
  • Boost Productivity

    Reduce downtime by helping travelers and travel arrangers proactively avoid and manage delays.

  • Manage Traveler Stress and Burnout

    Improve employee wellness by mitigating disruptions, identifying travelers at risk of burnout, and providing impacted passengers perks such as lounge access.

  • Scorecard Disruption Impact

    Quantify the business impact of disruptions, and engage suppliers in data-driven negotiations.

"... Lumo's offering stands out because they assess the risk of delay before it happens, helping passengers proactively manage their delays instead of simply reacting to them."
Ivan Imana, CIO, World Travel Inc.

For travel management companies

Built for agents and operations managers, Lumo's dashboards and APIs help you proactively manage disruptions, reduce service peaks, and forecast call center workload. Lumo can integrate through our APIs or can be queued to us from mid-office systems. Our proactive alerts and alternatives can be integrated with your traveler alerting channels.
  • Boost Productivity

    Drive greater agent efficiency by delivering data to agents and travelers to facilitate self-serve models.

  • Manage service peaks

    Proactively address major disruptions to smooth out call center demand and improve service levels.

  • Optimize staffing

    Forecast call center workload to drive more accurate staffing levels, reducing overtime and over-staffing while maintaining service levels.