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Small teams

Built for executive assistants and small teams, Lumo Navigator helps your team stay informed and productive on the road.

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Lumo Enterprise combines predictive and real-time alerts from Lumo Navigator and the Lumo App with retrospective reporting into traveler wellness from Lumo Spotlight to deliver 360-degree visibility into disruptions.

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Meetings and events

Flight delays can wreak havoc on meetings; Lumo Navigator monitors attendees' flights and alerts you about current and predicted delays, putting you in control.

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From better schedule planning using our Schedule Simulator to more efficient IROPS using our predictive APIs, Lumo drives proactive disruption management, reducing costs and improving the passenger experience.

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Keep travelers and agents informed before and during flight disruptions, drive more efficient call center operations by predicting workload, and create new proactive monitoring services using Lumo Navigator, or use our API to integrate Lumo's data into your tech.

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Travel Tech

Integrate Lumo's delay predictions, trip monitoring, and event alerts into your technology solutions using our powerful yet simple REST APIs.

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Could your business benefit from flight delay predictions?

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