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Who has time to read all those quarantine rules? AI does!


Deciding whether to travel these days is hard enough without having to read through complicated travel rules. Whether you're a traveler, a travel agent, or a travel manager, keeping up with the latest quarantine rules and travel restrictions can be daunting. That's where we come in – Lumo's algorithms automatically keep track of regulations, using AI to summarize rules so you have a sense for restrictions before you book a flight or travel. 

Of course, restrictions are complex and depend on a number of factors including the itinerary, citizenship, residency status, etc. and no algorithm can adequately capture all the nuances. However, Lumo's AI algorithms work to give you a short ~100-word summary of what you could expect, with links to government agency websites where you can learn more. 

Here's an example for an Air France flight from Atlanta to Paris.


A search for the flight returns several COVID-related pieces of information:

  • Travel advisories: From various government agencies, such as the CDC and US Department of State
  • Quarantine restrictions: For example, a summary of travel restrictions to France "Travel to France from outside the European zone remains restricted. You may be asked to respect a quarantine period on arrival. Travellers who did not undergo a RT-PCR test upon departure will be subject to strict 14-day quarantine measures. Travellers arriving in these territories will be subject to strict 14-day quarantine measures." While this does not include all restrictions (we limit the length of our summaries), the user can get a broad sense of measures in place, and follow the link to learn more.
  • COVID stats: Refreshed daily, Lumo collects covid stats and analyzes the trend to generate a risk rating. 

All of this data is available through Lumo Navigator and through our API

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