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Why do different flight emissions methods give different numbers, and which one is right?

Wondering if thunderstorms might delay your flight? Lumo's predictions can help

Optimize your call center staffing with Lumo Foresight

Travel is back! And so are flight delays.

Simple API access to TSA and CBP wait times

It's official: Lumo is now SOC 2 compliant!

A step toward more sustainable travel

Three more data feeds added to the Lumo API – the most versatile flight info API in the industry

Lumo's COVID-19 API is now free

Calling all Concur and TripIt users

Introducing the Lumo Airport API

The Free Lumo Trial API is here!

Who has time to read all those quarantine rules? AI does!

Lumo now has health alerts and COVID stats

Lumo selected to SAP.iO's travel accelerator

Lumo co-founder Hamsa Balakrishnan's TEDx Talk

Flight delayed on a nice, sunny day? Lumo's GDP predictions are now available through APIs

Travel can be such a PAIN. What are you doing to measure traveler wellness?

Lumo partner spotlight: OAG

Lumo partner spotlight: Acendas Travel

Worried about that connecting flight? We crunched the numbers so you don't have to.

Lumo partner spotlight: mTrip

Travel smarter with the Lumo map

Four ways to spot bad AI

Lumo in the news: What JetBlue Is Doing in Silicon Valley - Wall Street Journal

How accurate are Lumo's predictions?

So how are Lumo’s predictions different from Google’s?

How much are flight disruptions really costing your organization?

Lumo in the news: You’re Right. You’re Spending More Time Sitting on That Plane. - The New York Times

Airport Capacity Estimation

Why Lumo?

Lumo’s 2018 Holiday Travel Forecast

Driving Traveler Satisfaction: Adelman Travel integrates Lumo's API

What do the Lumo Delay Indexes mean?

How do Lumo's predictions work?

Lumo featured on Boston 25 News

Flight delay prediction startup Lumo raises $2.3 Million in Seed Funding

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